Andrea Tripodi
record producer • sound engineer • songwriter • musician




On A Wheel (2023)

Marta Vega

The Kill (2023)

Bambole di Pezza

Contare 0 (2023)

Bambole di Pezza

Dirty (2023)


Sweet Alberta (2023)

Francesco Piu - Feat. Lakeetra Knowles

Love Is Calling For Your Love (2023)


Curtain Call (2022)


Panic Wave (2022)

Bambole di Pezza

Favole (mi hai rotto il caxxo) (2022)

Marta Vega

Underwater (2021)

Andrea Bertè

80 Giorni (2021)

Josh Robinson

Tried It All (2021)

Josh Robinson

Close (2021)

Josh Robinson

Where Do You Wanna Go (2021)

Treva and the Mojos

Trip (Single) (2020)

Slut Machine

Black Cage 'EP' (2020)

Josh Robinson

Pretend (Single) (2020)

Josh Robinson

Breathe (Single) (2020)


Kill The Party (LP) (2020)

Easy Time

I Don't Care (Single) (2020)

Easy Time

She Said (Single) (2019)

Alo Eazy

Wharol (Single) (2019)


'Domani è un altro giorno' - Single (2018)

Candies For Breakfast

'Candies For Breakfast' - LP (2018)

Mamasuya - Johannes Faber

Mexican Standoff - LP (2016)

Leo Aberer

Money - Single (2013)

Gianluca Grignani

Natura Umana - LP (2011)

Gianluca Grignani

Romantico Rock Show - LP (2010)

Adriano Celentano

Dormi Amore la situazione non è buona - Single (2008)

Gianluca Grignani feat. L'Aura

Vuoi vedere che ti amo (2008)

Loredana Bertè - Spagna

Musica e parole - Single (2008)

Gianluca Grignani

Cammina Nel Sole - LP (2008)


Qualcuno da stringere (2006)

O' Zulù

O' Zulù Live in the al Mukawama Experiment III - Double Live LP (2006)


Quello che non c'è - Single (2006)

2B Funk

Eternity (Is over me) - 12" Mix (2002)

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I have been active in the music industry for over 20 years, collaborating with some of the top Italian and International Artists and Labels, as a record producer, sound engineer, songwriter, arranger and musician.
In the course of my activity, I have worked extensively both with analog and digital technology.
The range of musical styles in my work is quite wide, from Rock to Pop, to Jazz, R’n’B, Reggae and Electronic. My priority has always been to capture and enhance the Artist’s unique vibe and to meet the label’s specific requirements, in every single step of the process - production, songwriting, recording, mixing and mastering.
I have had the pleasure to work with many different big Artists from major Labels like Gianluca Grignani (Sony Music, Universal Music), Adriano Celentano, Biagio Antonacci, Loredana Bertè, Spagna, Dodi Battaglia, O' Zulu - 99 Posse, Movida, Rezophonic, Amii Stewart, Leo Aberer.
I’m also constantly looking for new talents to develop, as well as working with independent Labels’ Artists, such as Mamasuya and Johannes Faber (INRI/Metatron), Eggs, Madddog, Jovine, John Duran, Candies For Breakfast, Josh Robinson.
more discography
With the 2BFunk team, I collaborated on the writing, producing and arranging of several tracks, including “Eternity (Is Over Me)”, which became in 2002 the European soundtrack for the Saab Sport Sedan advert. Many of these records were published by Level 2 - JT Music - Level 2, Slip ’n’ Slide UK, Blanco Y Negro, Dig It Int'l.
I have also worked as a musical director on several live tours with Italian Pop Rock star Gianluca Grignani, and collaborated with NY producer Joseph Baldassare.




Upcoming and established artists/bands
Independent or label projects
Pop, rock, indie rock, heavy-punk, electro, jazz, etc.
Production and arrangements, in-studio and remote (or web chat)
Access to the best studio musicians


Full band live sessions and overdubs
Sigle recordings (vocals or instruments, acoustic piano, orchestral elements)
Speeches and voiceovers
Tape or DAW
In-studio and on-location

Multiple take comping, vocal tuning, timing of each track/instrument


Singles, EPs, LPs
Hybrid systems and large analog desks
Stems and multitrack


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